I have had the privilege to participate in several fieldwork projects which allowed me to collect novel data on lesser-known, minority, endangered, and heritage languages.

Corsica, January-June 2008

I have collected data for the ‘Nouvel Atlas Linguistique de la Corse’. The trip was funded by the ‘Erasmus’ scholarship of the University of Pisa (2008).

São Paulo, Brazil, June 20101373_12461

I interviewed a number of speakers of the Italo-Romance variety of Verbicaro (north-western Calabria), who migrated to Brazil during the last century. Relevant data was collected for the analysis of phonological, morphological, and morphosyntactic aspects of Verbicarese spoken in São Paulo. A targeted focus of my research was devoted to the heritage speakers of Verbicarese. The trip was funded by the association ‘I Verbicaresi nel Mondo’ and the Italo-Brazilian University ‘P. Cascino’.

Apulia and Calabria, Italy, January-July 2016

I have participated in extensive investigations and conducted interviews for the research project ‘Fading voices in southern Italy: investigating language contact in Magna Graecia’, which is centered on the effects of the long-standing language contact between Romance and Greek varieties. The trips were funded by UniLever, through the Leverhulme Trust.

Northern Calabria and Southern Basilicata, Italy, 2007-present

I continue my fieldwork to collect and analyze data that expand my research on the morphosyntactic microvariation of Italo-Romance.

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