Invited Speaker

  • February 2022. University of Messina-University of Moderna and Reggio Emilia
    ‘Frontiere del Mutamento Linguistico’ Webinars
    I possessivi nei sintagmi nominali indefiniti: italo-romanzo e daco-romanzo a confronto.
  • October 2020. Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge University
    Romance Linguistics Seminars
    Lost voices: sociolinguistic observations on the epistemic future in two varieties of the same dialect .
  • March 2020. University of Oxford
    Romance Linguistics Seminars.
    When Greek meets Romance: Changing alignments in the Greek of southern Italy (with A. Ledgeway and N. Schifano).
  • June 2019. University of Konstanz
    Le perifrasi progressive nell’italo-greco e il ruolo del contatto linguistico (with A. Ledgeway and N. Schifano).
  • April 2019. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
    Language contact in southern Italy and the syntax of DP, Webinar.
  • June 2018. University of Ghent
    ‘Possessive constructions in Romance’ Conference (PossRom2018)
    Possessives in indefinite nominal phrases: a comparison across Romance
  • May 2017. Humboldt University of Berlin
    Syntax Seminars
    Greek-Romance contact in southern Calabria: properties of D and differential object marking
  • April 2017. University of Cambridge
    Linguistics Forum Microvariation in argument-marking in the Romance and Greek varieties of southern Italy (joint work with A. Ledgeway and N. Schifano)
  • May 2016. Italy, University of Pisa
    Workshop on Greek Linguistics, Inchieste sul campo e greco d’Italia
  • June 2014. Netherlands, University of Leiden
    Workshop on ‘Rafforzamento Fonosintattico’
    ‘Rafforzamento fonosintattico’: a phenomenon of the phonology-syntax interface
  • September 2012. Italy, Università per Stranieri di Siena.
    XLVI International Conference of the Società di Linguistica Italiana
    Genitives in Romance: insights on Case assignment
  • September 2012. Italy, University of Viterbo
    Conference ‘Lingue e grammatiche’
    A syntactic classification of Indo-European Languages (with G. Longobardi)
  • November 2011. Italy, Università per Stranieri di Siena.
    Workshop ‘Lingue e grammatiche: contatti, divergenze, confronti’
    Cases of non-prepositional genitives in Romance


  • May 2018. University of Cambridge
    On the interplay between case and information structure in Italo-Greek (joint work
    with A. Ledgeway and N. Schifano)
  • February 2017. UK, University of Oxford.
    Romance Linguistics Seminars
    ‘Progressive constructions in Griko and Salentino: ”a chaotic phase of grammaticalization”?’ (joint work with A. Ledgeway and N. Schifano)
  • January 2017. UK, University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall
    45th Romance Linguistics Seminar
    Greek-style genitive and differencial object marking: mapping correlation in southern Calabria
  • December 2016. Belgium, University of Brussels
    Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics (BCGL9): Phase Theory
    (Beyond) Force, Mood and Modality: matrix complementisers in Italian dialects
    (with V. Colasanti)
  • September 2016. Italy, University of Turin
    2nd International Conference on the Sociolinguistics of Immigration
    Teaching Italian to multilingual immigrants: the environmental leap. (with M.
  • July 2016. Austria, University of Vienna
    XI Cambridge Italian Dialects Syntax and Morphology
    (Beyond) Force, Mood and Modality: matrix complementisers in upper southern
    Italian dialects (with V. Colasanti)
  • May 2016. UK, University of Manchester
    24th Manchester Phonology Meeting
    Liaison and propagation between phonology and morpho-syntax (with V. Masutti)
  • November 2015. Romania, University of Bucharest
    Romance Syntax Workshop
    Reduplication as a strategy for -ever free relatives
  • July 2015. Italy, University of Naples ‘Federico II’
    22nd International Conference of Historical Linguistics
    Genitives and (pseudo-)partitives in the history of Romance: a parametric account for cross-linguistic evidence
  • July 2015. Portugal, University of Lisbon
    ProVar. Workshop on prosodic variation Epenthesis of -/@/ prosodically licensed: evidence from southern Italian dialects
  • June 2015. UK, University of Cambridge
    Anglia Ruskin and University of Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminars
    Some aspects of the phonology-syntax interface in Romance: comparing liaison and propagation (with V. Masutti)
  • April 2015. Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    6th Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics, School of Philology
    Greek and Romance in southern Italy: a syntactic phylogeny (with A. Ceolin, C.
    Guardiano, G. Longobardi, D. Michelioudakis, I. Sitaridou)
  • February 2015. Italy, University of Perugia
    41st Incontro di Grammatica Generativa
    Unagreement between Italian and southern Italian dialects (poster; with G. Höhn and M. O. Squillaci)
  • January 2015. UK, University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall College
    43rd Romance Linguistics Seminar
    Metaphonetic diphthongisation as a phenomenon of the phonology-syntax interface 5G. Silvestri
  • September 2014. Greece, University of Patras
    Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory 6
    Auxiliary selection in Greko of Bova: a Greek-Romance comparison. (with N. Schifano and M.O. Squillaci)
  • July 2014. Hungary, University of Budapest
    Diachronic Generative Syntax 16
    Genitive(s) in diachrony: change/retention in parameter-setting
  • June 2014. Austria, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
    The Interfaces of Adjective and Adverb in Romance and English (CIAA 2014)
    Adverb (and participle) agreement and spit intransitivity in Northern Calabrian dialects.
  • May 2014. UK, University of Manchester
    22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting
    Metaphonetic Diphthongization and ‘Rafforzamento Fonosintattico’ as phenomena
    of the phonology-syntax interface
  • February 2014. Italy, University of Trento
    40th Incontro di Grammatica Generativa
    Adverb agreement: the case of southern Italy (poster)
  • January 2014. UK, University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall College
    42nd Romance Linguistics Seminar
    Adverb (and participle) agreement and split intransitivity in southern Italian dialects.
  • September 2013. Croatia, Split
    Conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea Prepositionless genitives in Romance (alternate).
  • July 2013. France, University of Lorraine-Nancy
    XXVII Congrès International de Linguistique et de Philologie Romanes
    Residui di genere neutro come categoria morfosintatticamente funzionale nell’italo-romanzo meridionale.
  • May 2013. UK, University of Cambridge
    SyntaxLab Meeting
    Genitive and Dative of Possession: syntactic issues in Romance
  • May 2012. USA, Stanford University.
    Workshop of the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Language
    Minority languages in southern Italy: a linguistic analysis (poster).
  • May 2011. UK, University of Manchester
    19th Manchester Phonology Meeting Issues in metaphony in southern Italian dialects 6G. Silvestri
  • May 2011. Netherlands, University of Leiden
    International Conference ‘Italian Dialects in Diachrony’
    Prepositionless Genitive: cases of Juxtaposition Genitive and N-to-D raising in Italian dialects.
  • April 2011. USA, University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
    Annual conference of the American Association of Italian Studies
    Teaching Italian as a second language to immigrants in voluntary contexts *
    (with M. Sarro)
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